BBQ Equipment Set
MYR100 / once / accommodation

BBQ grill . Charcoal x 2packs . BBQ fork x 10pcs (new) . BBQ grill after used Cleaning service.

Fresh Seafood for BBQ
Fresh Seafood for BRING HOME

All our fresh seafood is gutted cleaned and vacuum packed individually and fresh to frozen before delivery.
Select your seafood !!! PULAU PANGKOR FISH MARKET
Ming Prawn / Udang
MYR35/pack – 500g

Squid / Sotong
MYR20/pack – 500g

Mantis prawn / Udang Lipan
MYR /pack – 500g
Cuttlefish / Sotong
MYR22/pack – 500g

White Promfret / Ikan Bawal Putih
MYR26/pack – 500g

Stingray / Ikan Pari
MYR16/pack – 500g
Black Promfret / Ikan Bawal Hitam
MYR23 /pack – 500g
White Snapper / Ikan Jenahak Putih
MYR30/pack – 500g

Grouper / Ikan Kerapu
MYR40/pack -500g
Red Snapper / Ikan Jenahak Merah
MYR36/pack – 500g

Chinese Promfret/Ikan Bawal Cepak
MYR45/pack -500g

Chicken Fish / Ikan Ayam
MYR /pack – 500g