PULAU PANGKOR HOTEL at Pasir Bogak Beach



88 Resort Villas – Minutes walk to Pasir Bogak Beach in Pangkor Island.


TATAMI D’Tepi Laut




Pulau Pangkor’ mornings are beautiful… especially if you’re waking up in one of our hotel’s refined rooms!


PULAU PANGKOR HOTEL at Pasir Bogak Beach

Tatami@D’Tepi Laut PANGKOR ISLAND is the VILLA located at the very heart of Pasir Bogak Beach. This is a welcoming Pangkor Island resort for people traveling across Pangkor Island. Here, at our comfortable Pulau Pangkor hotel we always make sure that you will have any of your wishes satisfied.  So, we try to support our visitors in any need. Our Villa provides comfortable accommodation. The rooms are equipped with air conditioners, TV, and any additional amenities a traveler might want… No reason to worry if you turn to need any additional service, or any problem appears during your visit to our Villa! Our personnel is highly qualified, friendly, and ready to help!

Pangkor Pasir Bogak Beach HORNBILL BIRD

Relaxing & Walking On The Beach In Pulau Pangkor Hotel And Resort, Malaysia

Walking barefoot on the sand and taking breaks while standing in the water will massage the soles of your feet.

Furthermore, you can see some rare species of animals. For instance, Hornbill birds that belong to the most spectacular birds on the island will appear on your way. The Giant Hornbill is an enormous bird, roughly 120 cm in total length. The male is red-eyed. The female’s eyes are white. Giant hornbills have a yellow slash in their wings and a big yellow bill. Here in Pangkor Island, it is common to see a few Hornbill birds hopping along on trees or roadside.




Motorbike Rental / Car Rental / Watersport in Tatami D’Tepi Laut Pangkor Island Hotel

Tatami@D’Tepi Laut Pulau Pangkor Seaview hotel is noticeable for the high level of service. We provide each client with plenty of attention and do our best to make your visit comfortable.

Besides our primary services, we always have a lot of extra amenities to offer. To begin with, Tatami D’Tepi Laut Pulau Pangkor Hotel offers:

– bicycles rent 
– motorbike rent
– car rent
– taxi island tour 
– watersport island hopping, and more.

We are glad to make all of your wishes come true!

Book a Villa Room Now with Extra Amenities Services

That’s correct! We’re so determined to make your experience at our Villa Pangkor a charm that we’d love to provide you with a courtesy airport shuttle, BBQ, snorkelling, boat trip, taxi island tour, motorbike rental, and car rental if you book with Tatami D’Tepi Laut Pangkor Island Hotel!

Prices start at

MYR135/per night


Our Villa

Driving Directions


Find the heading to Pasir Bogak Beach’s Pangkor Island resort world 88, Vila Riadah. At Pasir Bogak road, after the Coco seafood restaurant, please turn right into the 1st junction – Persiaran Alam Impian.

2.5 km
Away from Pangkor Island Jetty

90 m
Away from the Pasir Bogak Beach

From VILLA Tatami@D’Tepi Laut pangkor island, Minutes walking distance to pasir bogak beach, Pangkor Island.
The nearest beach is clean for Swimming, Picnic, sunbathing and Water-sport activities.